Orthopedic, Spine, Sport Performance, Manual Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
Like It Was
Meant To Be


Body Work
at Its Best

We have been treating people for musculoskeletal issues since 2001. Much have changed in healthcare since then. When walking into a “traditional” physical therapy clinic you are only cared for by the therapist for a short amount of time and then are handed off to an assistant for the bulk of the treatment. There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are low insurance reimbursement and heavy administrative load to facilitate insurance payments.

We decided to change the paradigm. Over the years we worked with many individuals who are passionate about their health. People who are fully engaged in their own care, value quality service and appreciate a one-to-one service. We quit the insurance companies.

With us you are treated by the same physical therapist from start to finish, every session, every time. Your therapist will guide you throughout the care continuum and will be your resource for answers between sessions as well.

We provide you with physical therapy as it was meant to be!






Sports Performance

To achieve optimal sports performance, a holistic physical therapy approach is required. Each athlete is evaluated for balance, alignment, mobility, core control, strength, sport specific capacity and accessory function such as sleep, hydration, and nutritional habits. Our sports performance program will help athletes with injury recovery, physical performance optimization, and self care before and after activity. While we work with all athletes, our team specializes in Golf, Crossfit, Gymnastics, Dance and Rowing.


Pregnancy Support

The physical changes the musculoskeletal system undergoes during pregnancy can be challenging. Increased joint laxity, loss of core strength, decreased functional movement capacity and center of gravity shift all can contribute to discomfort, pain, poor sleep and more. With our pregnancy support program we will optimize alignment, increased strength and teach self management techniques pre and post-partum.


Spine & Joint Health

Our team offers orthopedic physical therapy with a focus on manual techniques and patient education. The program focuses on identifying and resolving bio-mechanical breakdowns, misalignment, and weaknesses of the musculoskeletal system. Teaching our patients the basic anatomy relating to their condition, self care, injury prevention and correct movement patterns enables them to reach pain free activity. We specialize in spine care, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and shoulder management.

Scar Tissue Release

While surgery and stitches may resolve a medical condition, the lasting effect of scar tissue is often underrated and misunderstood. Pain, swelling, tightness, poor function and slow recovery are only some of the complications people often battle with. Not because of an injury or surgery, but because the scar tissue is causing lasting issues. Our patients see tremendous results from scar tissue release even after many years have past since the original injury.

Professional Care

Every profession poses physical challenges. Whether you are a first responder, dentist, hair stylist, surgeon or a contstruction worker, your body requires maintanence. Professional athletes recieve care on a daily basis to so they can perform at the highest level possible. If pain is preventing you from getting the job done, we are here to help.


About The Therapist

Eran Kabakov, PT has been treating people for over 35 years. He began his journey as an apprentice to a Shiatsu master, was certified as a massage therapist by the College for Natural Therapies in Tel Aviv, Israel as well as by Fylde School of Natural Therapies in the UK. Eran graduated as a Physical Therapist from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Since then he has practiced in a variety of treatment environments including hospital acute care, private outpatient orthopedic, independent living retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities and others.

Along the way Eran has identified a growing problem in healthcare. While treatments and therapies have evolved, patient-provider communication has not. Even today the verbal instruction remains the main way information is provided to patients. Eran founded a digital health start-up to solve this problem (www.doco.la). Now, patients receive a prescriptions for courses containing relevant information for successful outcomes. A resource they can access 24/7/365.